There are two names that pop into the mind when you consider top enterprise Ecommerce platforms, and they include Big Commerce and Shopify Plus. It is common for the two Enterprise ecommerce software to be compared to one another. After all, you only need one Enterprise ecommerce platform to build your store on.

Before you begin your Enterprise Ecommerce platform comparison between Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus, you must first know how the two platforms are different from one another. This will help you in deciding whether an Enterprise Ecommerce comparison is even required or whether either of the two platforms is not suitable for your store, to begin with.

Here are the two major differences between Big commerce vs. Shopify that you must be aware of.


While a lot of factors among Shopify Plus and Big commerce are comparable to one another, this is not the case with designs and themes. Themes are quite a crucial part of setting up an online store. After all, you need to brand your business properly for it to be a success.

Shopify Plus has managed to satisfy the masses when it comes to delivering themes. You can easily get free as well as premium themes to choose from. There are over ten free, and 50 additional premium themes available for you. Independent designers develop these templates and designs. Hence, creativity and quality are ensured.

Big Commerce has an impressive portfolio of themes as well. However, here, the aesthetically pleasing ones are only available in the premium collection. If you don’t mind making an investment for the sake of your store, you will find an excellent premium collection of themes in Big Commerce. Just know that they will be very industry specific so your choices will be limited.

Ecommerce tools

Since you are running an Ecommerce store, it comes as no surprise that you will need Ecommerce tools to succeed. Both Shopify Plus and Big Commerce offer Ecommerce tool but exactly how many they do is where the difference lies. While Shopify provides all basic and advanced tools in its premium package, Big Commerce manages to provide a better set of advanced tools. Instead of paying extra for them, they are included in the monthly fee charged.


Decide whether these differences alone are enough for you to make a decision. If not, carry a thorough platform comparison.

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